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Our Approach to Work in 2021

This past year, COVID-19 forced us to examine the nature of work and develop processes to adapt best practices to slow the spread of the virus. We recognized that we needed to examine our work plan, and instead of forcing a model on Freeoskers, we asked what the future of work looks like for them.

We found that 90% of Freeoskers would prefer to work from home 50% of the time or more in the future.

Not a huge surprise. So, we wanted to make sure our return to work plan accounted for that. We will still have offices in Chicago, St. Joseph and Bentonville, but Freeoskers can spend their time working remotely in our new “Distributed Teams” model. While our existing office was too large for our anticipated needs, so we found a new space in Chicago!

Our new space is a collaborative space for project groups to meet in person and offer “hoteling” options, where Freeoskers who want to work in the office can reserve desk space.

We will continue to focus on communication, work visibility and connection as we transition to this work style. We look forward to building on the new traditions our 2020 work experience has created!  Our #social_connection channel on Slack, weekly company-wide activities for fun and relationship building and finding new ways to share work that teams are doing.

New office – new views, still on the river!
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