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Leveling Up the Fun: Highlights from Spirit Week 2023

What an absolute blast Spirit Week 2023 turned out to be! Our chosen theme, “Game On!”, set the tone for a week brimming with friendly competition and lots of laughts.

All Freeoskers were put on a team to earn points throughout the week.  Kicking things off, we tasked each team with crafting a unique name, and the creativity overflowed: “$1 Bob!”, “Ding of Destiny”, “Freeyonce’” and “Team Pancakes”. They also got really creative with on-theme Zoom backgrounds for our competitions!

Throughout the week Freeoskers could get points by answering our Slack Social Connection questions.  Our first question was: If Freeosk was a game show, what would it be? Mike thought we could turn the Freeosk into a pinball machine.  A few others thought a claw machine would be fun.  And Greg and Cody want to get Fruit Ninja at the kiosk. Look for these alternatives at a Sam’s Club near you!

Our first live competition was Jeopardy hosted by none other than Erik Freebeck.  Our four teams competed to see who would be crowned the Freeosk Jeopardy champion by answering questions about our Freeosk platform.  The competition was fierce, but in the end, it was the valiant Ding of Destiny that emerged victorious.

Then came the Freeosk Trivia, an arena where wits were tested, and even answers were subjected to some good-natured scrutiny. $1 Bob! made it to the top of the leaderboard.

Our Summer Party was one for the books.  Our fearless game show hosts Alex and Jonah took us back in time to play the iconic Match Game.  We had lots of laughs as team members tried to come up with matches with our Leadership Team judges.  Let’s just say we didn’t have very many matches…

As the week wrapped up with all its high-spirited fun, we soaked in the awesome vibes of teamwork, friendly rivalry, and sheer excitement. The Freeosk spirit we cherish so much was shining bright in every cheer, every challenge, and all those incredible moments that turned Spirit Week 2023 into a total win!

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