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Spirit Week 2019

We recently held our third annual Spirit Week- a time that we celebrate our Freeosk culture and values leading up to our Summer Party.  This year was an exciting time to introduce our evolved values that are part of our Brand Blueprint. The week was not short of fun and excitement.  We started the week by giving... Continue Reading →

Freeosk Dispenses Joy at P2PX

The Path To Purchase Expo kicked off in Minneapolis on October 2 with three jam-packed days of shopper marketing exhibitions, keynotes and power networking. An estimated 300+ shopper industry folks stopped by Booth 231 to demo the kiosk and learn how Freeosk is revolutionizing the in-store sampling and pre- and post-shop experience.   "Many visitors... Continue Reading →

“Walmart 700” rollout complete!

Back in July, we began deploying 500 additional kiosks to Walmart locations nationwide, bringing our total network to 700. These were early mornings as Chicago volunteers had 4am wakeup calls. Through hard work, coffee and pizza, we were able to successfully load 4 trucks on time. One truck even journeyed to the Dakotas before it... Continue Reading →

Orange to the Core

Ah, culture. Most companies wish to build a great workplace culture, but there’s no real handbook on how to get it (if there were, “Company Culture Starter Kits - now with even MORE FUN!” – would make a fortune). At the end of the day, an organically formed culture comes down to the shared moments... Continue Reading →

Freeosk Teams Paint the Town Orange

The Freeosk Operations and PM teams hit City Winery in late April to swirl, slurp and do some much-needed team bonding. "Our teams rely on each other to be successful for program execution," Director of Operations Nathalie Kanicki said. "Still, we acknowledge that we have different communication styles and general work styles. We think it’s important to... Continue Reading →