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What’s it like to work on the CX team?

The CX team plays an integral role in taking client priorities and crafting memorable experiences for our Freeosk fans to discover new brands, products, and services.

Getting Work Done

Daily Stand-Up: Every day starts with a :15-minute all-team, daily stand-up meeting. Each team member shares a top-line summary of the work they did the previous day, their focus for the day, and any blockers that may be preventing them from doing that work. This allows each person to plan for the day ahead and hear updates on progress done on other work.

Grooming/Briefing: If there is new work coming in for the team, a case file or brief gets reviewed for necessary information, strategy is formulated, timeline/milestones created, and moved into the workstream.

Daily WIP: The Content team (copy, design, video) meets to discuss work-in-progress. This allows for a preview of the work prior to ICR, discussion around revisions, and give team updates.

Thursday QA: This time is set aside to review kiosk experiences prior to being deployed the kiosks in the field. This includes videos for sampling, offer, and ad, UI updates, and UX flows.


The first week at Freeosk on the CX team is a time to soak up knowledge and ask questions. We pace out meetings over several days to cover company & team overview, Freeosk product training,  job expectations, etc. There are also meetings setup to meet with each function team lead/members (Project Management, Content, Digital Campaigns) to gain learnings on what each piece of the team is focused on.

Most importantly, fun!

Weekly Team Meeting: We meet every Thursday at the end of the day for 30 minutes. The meeting has a consistent schedule of Kudos, Need to Knows, and Sharing is Caring.

Kudos is the time for team members to shout out other team members or fellow Freeoskers for examples of them going above and beyond in the past week to more widely recognize the work that’s being done and say ‘thanks’.

Need to Knows is a time for team leads to give company or team updates that everyone… needs to know.

Sharing is Caring is an opportunity for any CXer to share inspirational work, examples of relevant content or news, tutorials, or just fun links that may be great discussion points.

All team gatherings in Chicago: With the team being dispersed across the country from California to Georgia, we gather at least twice a year as a team in the Chicago office. We set up team workshops, working sessions with cross-functional teams, and plan for the upcoming months. We also make sure to take out time for a little fun.

Over the past few years, we’ve had some fun in-person events like the Holiday team dinner, a bowling night, a rooftop bar event, and a very tasty BBQ in Michigan with the Client Success & Engineering teams. During the rest of the year we keep the fun going digitally with team Zoom lunches, team birthday & work anniversary celebrations, and (since the CX Team is known to partake in some healthy competitions) we have a lot of random trivia battles.

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