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Here at Freeosk, we see the value in vocalizing our appreciation for fellow Freeoskers. That’s why we’ve rallied together to create the We-osk Recognition Team! The Recognition Team is here to cheer on from the sidelines, see where wins are happening, and boost team spirit across the company by celebrating successes both big and small.

How do we do it? We’ve been able to get the party started with Disco (pun intended!). This interactive platform created by Culture Amp allows us to cheer on our co-workers while in a digital workspace via Slack. The integration has made it easy for our team to acknowledge accomplishments through Kudos. We created a special Slack channel where anyone can give their thanks, and team members can join in with reactions and comments. See some highlights below:

Since launching Disco in early 2021, Freeoskers have given nearly 500 Kudos and shown their support with almost 10,000 reactions! We’ve also seen engagement scores rise over 20 points in our annual company survey when asking if individuals and teams felt recognized for their work. Can I get a “Go Team!” for that? 

This initiative has not only allowed us to toast to our accomplishments – it has opened the door for connection between team members living across the map. Additionally, it has served as a way to tie the Freeosk values into our daily work. Keeping values and recognition front of mind makes for a happy team, which we strive to cultivate for each and every Freeosker. 

If you’re a part of the Freeosk team reading this post, go drop a /kudos in the Freeosk Recognition Slack channel! If not, take this as your friendly reminder to celebrate your co-workers and all their hard work! 

The We-osk Recognition Team: Mark, Lauren, Allie, Bharath
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