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Freeosk Dispenses Joy at P2PX

The Path To Purchase Expo kicked off in Minneapolis on October 2 with three jam-packed days of shopper marketing exhibitions, keynotes and power networking. An estimated 300+ shopper industry folks stopped by Booth 231 to demo the kiosk and learn how Freeosk is revolutionizing the in-store sampling and pre- and post-shop experience.   "Many visitors... Continue Reading →

“Walmart 700” rollout complete!

Back in July, we began deploying 500 additional kiosks to Walmart locations nationwide, bringing our total network to 700. These were early mornings as Chicago volunteers had 4am wakeup calls. Through hard work, coffee and pizza, we were able to successfully load 4 trucks on time. One truck even journeyed to the Dakotas before it... Continue Reading →

Orange to the Core

Ah, culture. Most companies wish to build a great workplace culture, but there’s no real handbook on how to get it (if there were, “Company Culture Starter Kits - now with even MORE FUN!” – would make a fortune). At the end of the day, an organically formed culture comes down to the shared moments... Continue Reading →

A Team of “Tech-sperts” rises to the Challenge

Not only does Freeosk unlock the power of free – it unlocks the power of problem-solving and teamwork as well. In 2017, we launched a development program called Discover Who You Can Be at Freeosk, which offered employees a chance to explore what development could look like for them. “This program offered participants a structured... Continue Reading →

Pecha Kucha Presentations

Huge props to the first four Freeoskers who experimented with this exciting 20/20 format and delivered very informative and entertaining presentations.If you're interested in learning more about (or participating in) Magic the Gathering or Mortified, track down/Slack down Ryan Sneddon and/or Katie Johnston-Smith!

Suder School Day at Freeosk

Freeosk in Chicago is excited to welcome 20 Suder Montessori students on Wednesday, March 21st from 10am-3pm. The students will get a behind-the-scenes look at Freeosk and meet a few of the amazing teams that make programs happen. Operations, Analytics, Support, and Creative will be hosting hands-on activities. Many of the students are already participating... Continue Reading →

Ping Pong League

Hey Freeoskers! If you're looking for a guaranteed way to burn off that extra energy, look no further than the #pingpongplayaz! Join your fellow players every Monday for 8 weeks of blistering ping pong action at Spin in downtown Chicago. Gotta know more? Visit the site, and get set to talk smack and take no prisoners.... Continue Reading →

Freeosk Volunteers at Suder

Teachers, parents, and six intrepid Freeoskers cheered the students of Suder as they ran laps to raise money for their school. Tara reports, "We were tasked with helping kids count laps. Every time they passed the start line, they’d get a check mark on the sticker each of them carried. Whomever got the most laps,... Continue Reading →

Freeosk a Finalist in ITA CityLIGHTS Awards

Every year, the Illinois Technology Association gathers Chicago’s best and brightest tech companies to recognize their outstanding achievements with the CityLIGHTS Awards. These prestigious awards elevate and honor the accomplishments of tech companies and have been a consistent predictor of success throughout the industry. In our first year of submitting nominations, Freeosk has been selected... Continue Reading →