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Freeosk Fun from Home

On top of our day jobs, we’ve been finding new ways to have lots of Freeosk fun! Working remote hasn’t slowed us down. Our Freeoskers have found new ways to connect. We come together weekly to interact and engage. Zoom fatigue is real, but we’ve found ways to have some fun!

If you’re looking for ways to make Zoom fun, try one of these activities:

*Charades: Utilize the Breakout Room function and give each group a list of clues and a set amount of time. The room with the most points wins a prize. (We like to give GrubHub GiftCards and ask the winning team to have lunch together!)

*Bingo: We customized Bingo Cards and had a lot of fun seeing who would get BINGO first!

*Kahoot is a great tool to create custom or off-the-shelf trivia questions. Our Freeosk competitive spirit really comes out when we play Kahoot!

*It isn’t always fun and games – we’ve also done chair yoga and guided meditation together for a change of pace.

*We love finding ways to give back. As a group, we did a Free Rice challenge via Zoom and were able to donate a lot of rice to the organization.

*It’s always fun to get away from your desk, so we did an at-home Scavenger Hunt using Wheel of Names.

*Rock, Paper, Scissors: Teams had tournaments during the week to select their representative. We then had the team representatives go head to head to see who was the ultimate champion!

*Summer Party: Wildly Different hosted an Amazing Race activity for our team

*Holiday Party: Second City will be performing an Improv Show

*Team Ideas: We’ve had teams a host virtual cocktail making class, team lunches, tie-dye DIY and more!

This year has certainly been unique, but we are embracing ways to stay connected, even if we aren’t in the same room.

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