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10 Years of Wisdom

Congrats to Al Kohn, Director of Engineering, on hitting 10 years with Freeosk this month! Check out some of the highlights he shared about his time so far with us!

What is one of your most favorite memories from your time at Freeosk so far?

I would say the two weeks Tony, Matt, Nathalie and I spent in NY when the first prototype kiosk was introduced to the public at Price Chopper.  I really got to know the people that I would be working with for the next ten years and counting.

What do you see as your biggest accomplishment during your career so far at Freeosk?

I guess just bringing the kiosk to life.  There will always be improvements to be made, but it was very satisfying when the first kiosks were released into the wild for good.

What has been the most fun project you’ve gotten to work on?

Probably the most fun project that I have been a part of was when we took a couple of kiosks to MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, OH.  It was just such a fun atmosphere.  We had to move the kiosks to different venues each night after the festival closed for the night.

What is one feature (realistic or pipe dream!) you’d love to add to the kiosk?

Add a Beer sample dispenser 😉

What makes you most excited about the future of Freeosk?

Early on  when I spoke to people about the Freeosk, blank stares were all that I got.  As time goes on, I find that more and more people know exactly what the Freeosk is.  And in the future, I am excited about the possibility of Freeosk becoming a household name.

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