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Holiday Cheer… and Friendly Competition

Here at Freeosk, we pride ourselves on living and breathing our core values.  And when it comes to getting in the holiday spirit, we crank things up a notch with good vibes, great food and a little friendly competition.

To get the celebration started, we reflected on some of our greatest accomplishments in 2018. We even handed out the “Ding Bringer Award” to some awesome peeps who used their super-human (and non-work related) talents to create our holiday video card! 

After sampling our Michigan-team’s home-brewed beer, we made our way to Fieldhouse Jones.  A key ingredient to every Freeosk event is some friendly competition (see: Scavenger Hunt, Casino Night and too many other events to name).  

Freeoskers showcased their competitive drive on the slot car track, racing for raffle tickets that could be entered to win a prize.  Those who did not have a need for speed enjoyed fabulous food, drinks and each other’s company…plus laughs over the caricatures created that night!

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019!

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