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Orange to the Core

Ah, culture. Most companies wish to build a great workplace culture, but there’s no real handbook on how to get it (if there were, “Company Culture Starter Kits – now with even MORE FUN!” – would make a fortune).

At the end of the day, an organically formed culture comes down to the shared moments between employees. It might be the time they spent a workday afternoon coloring with 3 year olds. Or a time when the work-sponsored basketball team CRUSHED IT on court. Or maybe it was that time everyone found out just how competitive the CEOreally is at Giant Jenga.

It’s not only the shared moments, but the way those moments are recognized that creates an ongoing culture. Here are a few of the things that shape our culture at Freeosk.

Active to the Core

Freeosk has many outlets for employees to get physical (physical!). From our Freeosk sports teams (basketball, softball and volleyball) to our entry in the Chase Corporate Challenge (18 Freeoskers participated this year!) to bimonthly after-work yoga, these fun and competitive activities help keep stress down and morale up.


Freeoskers in Training 

No, our interns aren’t getting smaller – this was our annual family open house! Every year we look forward to hosting the children and spouses of our Freeoskers for a fun-filled family day. Some past activities have included Minute to Win It challenges, filling in a custom-created Sally the Sample coloring book and, of course, a festive lunch for all!


Spirit’s Up, Party’s On

Freeosk has had a long tradition of summer parties, but last year we took it one step further and focused on a week dedicated to (you guessed it) Freeosk spirit! Activities throughout the week encouraged collaboration, problem solving and FUN. We finished off the week with a scavenger hunt around town followed by libations and Jenga at a cool rooftop venue.


We Can Do Magic

We like to think all our extra-curricular activities are “magical” at Freeosk, but one may be especially so. Magic the Gathering has weaved its way into Freeosk culture. You can spot games and tournaments being played during lunch and after work. Magic players are dedicated – and convincing! No one is surprised when a newbie decides to play a hand.


As you can see, Freeosk has many ways of keeping employees connected. Some of the activities were company-nurtured, and some just developed organically and spread. But whether we take on a challenging project or challenge our coworkers to a card game, Freeoskers are always finding ways to evolve our culture.

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