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A Team of “Tech-sperts” rises to the Challenge

Not only does Freeosk unlock the power of free – it unlocks the power of problem-solving and teamwork as well.

In 2017, we launched a development program called Discover Who You Can Be at Freeosk, which offered employees a chance to explore what development could look like for them.

“This program offered participants a structured way to grow competencies, behaviors and strengths,” said Megan Voss, head of the People department. “Each participant was paired up with a coach to help support them on their four-month development journey.”

The pilot was a success! Post-program, Freeoskers gave feedback about what they felt worked and what they felt could improve. One component they suggested updating was the program journal.

Journaling in a Cloud Based World

As part of the program, participants were asked to journal about their experience. They answered questions, and noted their thoughts and progress.

The challenge participants had wasn’t journaling as much as the journal itself. A physical journal meant that participants needed to have it with them in order to do their assignments.

In advance of the 2018 program, the development committee decided to try something new.

Digital Strides

The committee proposed creating a password protected digital journal that could be updated from practically any device.

Simple enough, right? Except at Freeosk, it had never been done before.

The committee decided to bring in a cross-functional team of technology experts: Chris Roerig, a Software Developer combined with Sr. Interactive Designer Corey Krause and UX Designers/Developers Eric Lopez and Aldo Gutierrez.


“Our biggest hurdle was overcoming the time crunch due to other high profile work taking place during the same period,” said Chris. “But we organized and took on the challenge.”

A Strategic Approach

The team wasted no time getting down to business.

To make the journal an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), the team used their individual expertise to design, prototype and implement a digital journal solution.

“First, we had a brainstorming session and outlined a road map starting from the design concept to the server deployment process to the final release,” said Chris. “Next, each of us developed our part of the app, focusing on our specialties.”

Since this was a busy time, the team checked in with one another regularly to stay on track. By the time they got to the final stretch, all that was left was fixing some bugs and releasing the software for the program participants.

The end result? The project was finished on time

Team Success!


“Collaborating with Chris and the development team was a fun and enlightening experience,” said Corey. “It allowed us to create something new and exciting while alsoflexing our muscles on some cool challenges as a team. The e

xperience was an 11 out of 10 – we would collaborate again!”

“Getting the chance to work with Aldo, Eric and Corey from Creative provided insi

ght into how to collaborate effectively if future opportunities arise,” said Chris.

Thank you to Megan, Chris, Corey, Aldo and Eric for all your hard work. You proved that super individuals can deliver super-powered teamwork.

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