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Freeosk Volunteers at Suder

Teachers, parents, and six intrepid Freeoskers cheered the students of Suder as they ran laps to raise money for their school.

Tara reports, “We were tasked with helping kids count laps. Every time they passed the start line, they’d get a check mark on the sticker each of them carried. Whomever got the most laps, one of the parents donated that amount of money.

We cheered with pompoms around the path, handed out high fives, and I ran a lap with Porsha and Kaylie! Nathalie had to guard the snack table from the kids during the race. We got some stubborn smiles out of the kiddos too, which was the best part.”

Thanks to TaraStacyJosh BNathalieMelissa and Matt K for bringing the positive Freeosk energy to the event!

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